Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kristel said nothing emotional happened today so I should write this post. Ha!

But first, the last two days were good. Wednesday we spent playing with Abraham and getting to know each other. He communicates clearly by pointing and shaking his head yes or no.  He speaks quite a bit now that we have him away from other kids and is much more active than he was in the orphanage.  He is a lot of fun and is quick to smile.  The best part is that he is already acting a bit shy towards others and turning to us when he gets nervous. He was waiting for us, I have no doubt.  Of course, if you don't do what he wants you are likely to get some major theatrics.  Worked on the nannies apparently, but it makes me want to laugh. Other than playing we did a little shopping and rested. Another good nap and nights sleep by Abraham made for happy parents.

Thursday was embassy!  A big moment in the journey when the US government approves a visa for us to bring Abraham home.  Because Kristel didn't make the first trip he enters the US as a permanent resident and then we apply for US citizenship.  The embassy interview was not a big event itself.  They checked our forms, discussed the process a little bit and said we will be issued the visa on Friday so we can head home.

After embassy we had just enough time for a quick visit to see a girl we sponsor at a read and feed program on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. They provide breakfast and dinner and tutoring help for some of the poorest kids.  Betty (short for Bethlehem) was so excited!  We brought her a backpack of stuff.  Clothes, school supplies, candy, etc.  She gave us three kisses on the cheek Ethiopian style and in perfect English thanked us very much for the gifts.  I hope she does well, she seemed like a very bright girl.  Them we sat through terrible traffic but made it to the guesthouse for dinner and to put Abraham down for his last night in Ethiopia. Makes me wonder if he will ever return.  I hope we all do, including the girls.  The Ethiopian people are amazing.

Kristel is a woman of faith.  I love her for it.  It is not that easy for me.   But this journey has been an incredible experience. I never knew why it was so easy for me to say yes to adopting.  Yes to not trying for a biological son who would look like me (and my dad, my Uncle John, et al).  But it was.  I knew I would love him, I never had a doubt about that.  I guess God made that first step easy for me because I have struggled some since.  Why are we putting our life on hold for over two years for some kid we have never even met from halfway around the world?  Why are we spending all this money?  Why why why.  My struggles were mostly selfish, unfortunately.  The first yes to adoption was easy, the sacrifice of control over my time, money, emotions was hard.

This week that all melted away.  I am thankful for that peace.

  • The Lord had said to Abram, "Go from your country, your people and your father's household to the land I will show you."  Genesis 12:1
  • My mom gave me a few sports books before we left as an early birthday present.  The one I brought with me was Tim Tebow's memoir. I didn't know, and I don't think that mom did, that throughout the book he discusses his family's work with orphans and quotes scripture addressing orphans.  
  • Saturday is the Ethiopian holiday of Timket (Epiphany-the baptism of Jesus Christ).  Festivities start at 11am tomorrow while we are still here so we will get to experience the beginning most holy (and most celebrated) Ethiopian holiday. 
  • Due to Timket and other upcoming holidays tickets were hard to come by at reasonable prices for last weekend and this weekend.  We were cleared to travel on the 9th and that day I worked with the travel agent.  Her first four airlines were booked or didn't have dates that would work or were out of our price range.  I asked her to check a few other options on less often used airlines.  There were seats available for the exact dates we wanted at cheaper prices than we have seen in a while.  Three days before we flew out.
  • Abraham has a bacterial infection that was not being treated properly.  If we hadn't gotten here now and got him on antibiotics who knows how bad it may have gotten.

Message received God.  Thank you.


(Today was emotional for me)

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  1. Justin, Kristel and Abraham (and girls),
    I have so much enjoyed reading of your experiences in this adventure over the last few years. I had no idea it would take this long for you to get to this point, but your faith and trust in the Lotd throughout has been inspiring. We have prayed for you and will continue to do so. I hope the next steps go smoothly, and that the Lord continues to bless your family. I know he will. Hopefully we will be able to meet Abraham in Williamsburg next year. All the best! -Ted